SSTV Equipment for JA2DHC/JA1CTY

SSTV dedicated PC is used with following spec.

CPU: Intel Celeron 2.8GHz

Memory: 768MB

OS: MS Windows XP Professional, SP2

Sound Card for SSTV: Creative Lab's SB PCI

SSTV Software: MMSSTV version 1.11G

An interface circuitry is used and contained in the PC case.

An amplified loud speaker is used to monitor both sending/receiving sounds.

The SSTV interface circuitry is accommodated in a removable storage case to be adapted into a 5.25" bay in PC.

DC +12V from PC power supply is fed into the interface circuitry and an external loud speaker with power amplifier built in.

Inside of the interface circuitry.

A magnetic relay for PTT and an audio transformer for modulation signal are used to secure the isolation between transceiver and PC.

VOX circuitry is included for V/UHF transceiver which does not have VOX function in it.

SSTV Interface Circuitry

Drawn by OrCAD by JA4OPP as his courtesy.

Hand drawn circuitry

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